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News from Glynwood

New and beginning farmers gather at Glynwood for a recap of their season as part of our Farm Business Incubator program.

Senior Farm Director Lynda Prim provides some insight into the turkey breed we have on the farm this season. Click to learn more about the background of these turkeys and reserve one of the last remaining birds for your Thanksgiving feast.

As we approach the end of the 2019 growing season, Glynwood and Mid-Hudson CRAFT host a gathering aimed to provide new and beginning farmers with some direction as they move into the next phase of their farming careers.

Rachel Freier of Cider Week New York gives us an idea of the events that are on the horizon for Cider Week NYC from Nov. 8-17. The annual event was launched by Glynwood in 2010 in an effort to foster a strong cider market in New York's Hudson Valley.

Cider Institute of North America's Executive Director Brighid O'Keane shares some words on the upcoming sensory analysis training for cider producers being held at Glynwood in December.

Glynwood President Kathleen Finlay takes a trip to Kentucky to visit environmental activist Wendell Berry and discuss the work of The Berry Center, and then continues on to Tennessee where she speaks as a panelist at former Vice President Al Gore's two-day conference "The Climate Underground."

Glynwood gathers food professionals from chefs and bartenders to cider makers and apple growers for a tour of the various orchards and cider operations in the Hudson Valley.

Senior Farm Director Lynda Prim recounts our Livestock Team's recent trip to the neighboring Q Farms to select new cattle for Glynwood's livestock operation.

Glynwood's Vegetable Production Manager, Jarret, shares some knowledge on winter crop storage as well as offers some tips on how you can keep your veggies as fresh as possible.

Snapshots of the fresh, organic vegetables made available through Glynwood's CSA pickup every week.

Glynwood President Kathleen Finlay and Senior Director of Glynwood's Farm Lynda Prim travel to Colorado and New Mexico for the Slow Food Nations conference as well as a chance to connect with farmers in the Southwest.

Glynwood hosts Food & Farm Day, an annual open house in which 400 community members visit our property for a day of learning and farm fun.

The Glynwood Center for Regional Food and Farming hosts first "mother site" visit to test amaranth seed varieties as part of our Kitchen Cultivars Project.

The Glynwood Center for Regional Food and Farming hosts Pasture and Soil Health Field Day.

James Beard Foundation continues its tradition of coming to Glynwood to teach a diverse cohort of chefs about creating an equitable food system.

New York City's renowned Gramercy Tavern sends staff to The Glynwood Center for Regional Food and Farming to foster community through food and cider, as well as prepare a special farm dinner.

New and beginning farmers in the Hudson Valley form alliances thanks to Mid-Hudson CRAFT, an organization dedicated to building networks among fellow farmers in training.

Senior Director of Glynwood's Farm, Lynda Prim, explains the benefits of the keyline plow in keeping soil healthy and conducive to farming.

A photo essay documenting the process of building chicken tractors at The Glynwood Center for Regional Food and Farming.

Glynwood's director of Farm Stewardship Dave Llewellyn explains how a return to delayed pasture mowing practices results in good news for ground nesting birds.

Senior Director of Glynwood's Farm Lynda Prim shares her thoughts on the relationship between climate change and resilient farming in anticipation of a public conversation that she'll be leading on the topic.

Glynwood President Kathleen Finlay shares some words on the new ways we are describing the work we do to ensure that the Hudson Valley continues to be defined by food and farming.

The Glynwood Center for Regional Food and Farming celebrates the upcoming Cider Week from June 7th through 16th. The event, produced by New York Cider Association, showcases the Hudson Valley as a central location for cider production.

Glynwood's Kitchen Cultivars project tests the viability of growing Amaranth in the Hudson Valley! Plus other Spring 2019 updates.

For the first installment of Meet Your Apprentices for this season, Glynwood introduces Livestock Team Member Eli and Vegetable Production Team Member Kione.

Here are the six key takeaways regarding the current issues affecting Community Supported Agriculture in the Hudson Valley.

Regional farmers gather at Glynwood to learn techniques of nonviolent communication and conflict resolution.

Regional farmers gathered at Glynwood for the last winter farmer training workshop of the season to learn some principles of marketing from expert Myrna Greenfield.

Workshop shares best practices for matching farmland seekers and farmland owners.

Glynwood's Hudson Valley CSA Coalition had its annual meeting on Feb. 7th, gathering farmers from around the region to share the results of the market research done last year as well as discuss how to make this one an even bigger year for community supported agriculture.

Glynwood's Vegetable Production Manager, Jarret Nelson, details the various jobs that a farmer must master when they're not in the field.

Glynwood kicks off its Winter Farmer Training Workshops with a successful first seminar on the cooperative models of farming.

Clearway will help fund Glynwood's CSA Coalition efforts to expand programming and opportunities for low-Income residents. Click the link to download Clearway's press release.

Glynwood is partnering with several other organizations to launch the Hudson Valley Farmer Training Collaborative. The goal of the Collaborative is to aid regional organizations that train farmers -- there are more than a dozen -- to better leverage their strengths and strategize collaboratively; more effectively understand the outcomes of current efforts to train new and beginning farmers; and work towards collective impact.

This winter, Glynwood will be a hub of learning as we host a series of intensive workshops for farmers, part of our goal to host more professional learning experiences onsite. These workshops are geared towards increasing the skills of working farmers in the region, with an emphasis on the “start-up farmer” whose operation is less than ten years old – the type of farms we are serving with our Farm Business Incubator.

Glynwood welcomes Lynda Prim as Senior Director of Glynwood's Farm and Judith Mogul as Chair of the Board of Directors, among other additions.

Jarret Nelson, our Vegetable Production Manager, shares some words as we say farewell to our group of farm apprentices who spent the better part of a year at Glynwood learning the ins and outs of regenerative agriculture.

Bringing the farm to the city, and carrying on an annual tradition launched by Glynwood in 2011 as a part of its Cider Project, Cider Week New York City runs from November 2 – 11 this year, and is intended to deepen awareness and appreciation of orchard-based hard cider made throughout the state by showcasing it in area bars, restaurants, bottle shops and beyond. Find a cider happening near you!

Megan Larmer, Director of Regional Food Programs at Glynwood, discusses Kitchen Cultivars: an initiative by local farmers and culinary professionals to keep crops diverse while expanding our flavor palates as well.

Director of Farm Stewardship Dave Llewellyn explains why we should pay particular attention to soil science in this day and age, and shares how Glynwood imparts this knowledge onto its apprentices.

It turns out that managing the grazing needs of livestock on a farm and playing chess have more similarities than you might think. In both cases, you should always be thinking at least two moves ahead and be considering all outcomes. Here are some thoughts from a livestock farmer.

A word from our Vegetable Production Manager about the challenges that climate change poses to farming here at Glynwood.

Glynwood looks back fondly on the life of Maggie, a horse who left a legacy of nothing but heartiness and patience here on our farm.

Glynwood was hit by a brief but destructive wind and weather event on Friday, August 3rd, leading us to call on volunteer support in the coming weeks.

Our four apprentices share some highlights from their experience at the Northeast Organic Farming Association's Summer Conference in Amherst, Massachusetts.

Food system leaders share stories of resilience in the face of harrowing weather events at Slow Food USA's gathering in Colorado last month.

For this month’s Vegetarian Farm Dinner, Chef Mark Gandara is partnering with Hot Bread Kitchen -- a nonprofit organization that creates economic opportunity through careers in food -- to provide delicious, regionally-inspired breads for the event.

Megan Larmer, Glynwood's Director of Regional Food, brushes off her waitress skills, and pitches in for one night of dinner service at the Allied Media Conference's Dream Cafe: the culmination of a vision created by Ora Wise to ensure the conference's food offerings were as meaningful, nourishing and inclusive as the rest of the programming.

At most grocery stores, you will find produce that has no blemishes, but have you ever wondered what happens to all of the produce that isn’t picture perfect?

Ten years ago, Glynwood engaged the Farmscape Ecology Program team, based out of Hawthorne Valley Farm (Ghent, NY), to complete a biological survey of this farm. That original biological survey, completed in 2007, has been an important reference for Glynwood staff as we’ve considered land use decisions in the intervening ten years. Now, given the significant increase in agricultural activity on the property over that timeframe, we wanted to see what has changed.