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Heritage-Breed Turkey Preorders are Live!

Over the past six months, our Livestock Team has been skillfully raising their biggest flock of heritage-breed turkeys yet! When you drive into Glynwood, you might notice these boisterous birds, proudly gobbling and foraging in the pasture.This year, we are raising a diverse mix of five heritage-breed species, including Standard Bronze, Bourbon Red, Chocolate, Black Spanish, Blue Slate and Midget White. 

Heritage turkeys are beautiful to watch, each boasting more striking, patterned feathers than the next—but raising them is no small feat. When compared with conventional broad-breasted turkeys, heritage-breed birds grow far more slowly, giving them time to develop healthy organs and strong skeletal structures before taking on weight in muscle mass. These turkeys therefore require ample space to graze, and so are overall more expensive to care for. At Glynwood, our turkeys are raised with Animal Welfare Approved standards that represent a hard-earned badge of distinction. Most important of all, the heritage difference is something you can taste! Heritage-breed turkeys boast richer, darker meat that we believe is miles more flavorful. 

Pre-orders are now available for our very own heritage-breed whole turkeys. These birds will size up between 10-18 lbs and will be available fresh for pickup on Tuesday, November 22nd, just days before the big meal. We will do our best to provide you just the right turkey for your Thanksgiving table. Order your heritage turkey today!