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The Glynwood Center for Regional Food and Farming is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit promoting regenerative agriculture in service of our natural environment, local economies and human health.

Based on a 225 acre working farm in Cold Spring, NY, we advance local food production here in our region as well as educate a national audience about efforts to regionalize food and agriculture. We are inspired by, and contribute to, aligned work far beyond the borders of the Hudson Valley. 

Media Inquiries

We welcome requests for interviews, editorials and photo shoots, but please note we cannot accommodate all. Requests should be directed to Liz Corio, our Vice President of Development and Administration, at or (845)-265-3338. When making media requests we ask that you are as specific as possible, including the outlet for the piece, your timeline, and nature of the request (i.e. a 30-minute phone interview; in-person interview and photo shoot, etc.). We appreciate a 2-week minimum lead time on all requests so that we can best accommodate you.

Glynwood in the News

  • (VIDEO) Kathleen Finlay and Anica Butler discuss how we might begin to shift toward a more locally-sourced food supply post coronavirus pandemic.

  • It's about your personal plate vs. big picture agriculture. This panel explores the connection between sustainability, regional farming and how planet-friendly food choices like plant-based eating, prioritizing local and seasonal, cooking at home and community farming is better for people and the planet. Featured Speakers: Kathleen Finlay, Mark Bittman, Tracy Pollan / Moderator: Stefani Sassos

  • The pandemic has impacted many people resulting in overwhelming need from food banks and community services. From Hudson Valley Pattern for Progress's podcast, "Patterns & Paradigms," this episode features Diane Serratore, Executive Director at People to People in Rockland County, New York, and Megan Larmer, Director of the Regional Food Program at Glynwood in Cold Spring, New York

  • Farming is hard, but for folks who have a burning desire to farm, Nicole Scott, our livestock manager says, “Go for it!” In this episode, Sustainable Dish co-host, Lauren Stine, chats with Nicole about her journey from the National Zoo in Washington, D.C., to her education at Cornell University to her many farming experiences that led her to become Glynwood’s livestock manager.

  • Op-Ed by Glynwood's President Kathleen Finlay appeared in the Boston Globe online and in print on March 29, 2020. Coronavirus pandemic should shift our focus to a more locally sourced food supply. A positive side effect of the pandemic: Demand for local food is through the roof.

  • Glynwood's president Kathleen Finlay is quoted in this article by Stephanie Haynes, correspondent for Teh Christian Science Monitor. Article explores the notion that - "despite shortages - many food watchers have been impressed with just how well the U.S. food supply has held up in crisis. Still, the pandemic has exposed shortcomings in a complex and often convoluted food system."

  • Article by Lynne Curry appeared on Civil Eats on March 31, 2020; Glynwood's President Kathleen Finlay interviewed/quoted regarding community-based initiatives that have sprung up to help independent livestock producers shift to new markets.

  • Senior Director of Glynwood's Farm Lynda Prim discusses the impact of COVID-19 in our region on the demand for local products from small scale farms.

  • Glynwood's President, Kathleen Finlay, spoke live on Food Tank's "Food Talk with Dani Nierenberg" on Friday, April 10, 2020. They discussed regional farming, community resilience, and the challenges COVID-19 poses to everyone in the supply chain, from farmers to restaurant workers.

  • Megan Larmer, Director of Regional Food, appeared on Talk Farm To Me Podcast's Episode 7: Narrowing the Gap - COVID Brings Farmers & Consumers Closer. From Talk Farm To Me's show notes: "Food insecurity as a result of COVID has spurred folks to hoard supplies and food. But it's also had another effect. Consumers are scrambling to get into a local farm share. They are planting gardens of their own, raising chickens and even homesteading. The result is a closer connection to farmers and fortified communities."

  • Listen to Glynwood's Regional Food Program Director Megan Larmer speak about New York cider on Point of Origin, a podcast about the world of food.