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Multi-Flora Thicket Restoration: Community Crew Highlight

Today, we highlight our dedicated community crew of five passionate individuals who have embarked on a transformative restoration project that goes beyond simply removing bushes and building a dead hedge. This committed team, composed of compensated community members working in tandem with Glynwood staff members, has invested several months of effort to create a collective force focused on the pressing issue of climate change. Their ongoing activities include year-round native plant propagation, invasive plant removal, and thicket design. From the meticulous application of mulch to the strategic management of cover crops and the thoughtful planting of desired species, every action taken is a step towards the successful restoration of the site. 

For an intimate glimpse into their impactful work, we invite you to watch the accompanying video documenting the community crew members in action. Notably, the video brings to life the voices of these dedicated individuals as they passionately explain why restoration work is crucial in the fight against climate change. Join us on this journey of environmental stewardship that serves as a testament to the power of collective action in fostering positive change.