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Filling a Knead: Grains & Staples Newly Available at the Glynwood Farm Store

Last month, we enthusiastically launched our Grains & Staples retail program at the Glynwood Farm Store. This project centers on a call to make nutritious, regionally-grown grains more accessible to our community through a new CSA add-on and a growing retail selection at our Farm Store.

Our inaugural season is meant to introduce and familiarize Glynwood CSA members and shoppers at the store to the inspiring range of products now available in the Northeast, and in particular in the Hudson Valley. CSA shareholders will come to recognize products ranging from traditional roasted cornmeal from the Ganondagan Iroquois White Corn Project to an All-Purpose (AP) wheat flour from Milestone Mill called “Tom”, which began development just over a decade ago through a Cornell University led research project that continues to this day called the Value Added Grains for Local and Regional Food Systems project and in the Hudson Valley Farm Hub’s ongoing small grains field trials. Several of the CSA’s products will also be available in the newly designated Grains & Staples section of our Farm Store, so customers who could not commit to a full season can still sample to their hearts’ content.

Unfortunately, consumer access to the type of whole grains we envision as healthy, sustainable, and delicious remains scarce. All of us at Glynwood are excited to work with our collaborators to strengthen our regional network and make these available to consumers in our own backyard. We hope our community will come to rely on us as a resource to connect with nutritious and flavorful staple foods from our regional farms. 

By purchasing products  from our Farm Store, you are making it possible for small-scale farmers around the region to take risks, to try new crops, new rotations, incubate value-added ventures, and know that there is a local market for what they are growing. Visit us throughout the Winter season to learn more. We are open each Friday from 2PM - 6PM and Saturday from 10AM - 2PM. Hope to see you there!