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Glynwood’s Winter Grains CSA

With the recent addition of a Grains and Staples project to Glynwood’s Regional Food Programs, we are excited to support a new foundation for an emerging sector of the Northeast food system. Our Grains and Staples Program seeks to build markets for emerging crops and promote their production in systems of regenerative agriculture. At Glynwood, we see exciting potential for cultivating a dynamic local grains outlet at our very own Winter Farm Store, in close collaboration with the farmers and producers who are making this movement possible. To that end, we will be launching a pilot Grains & Staples CSA share add-on that will run alongside our annual Winter Vegetable CSA

Glynwood’s Grains and Staples CSA add-on will feature a selection of what the Hudson Valley and broader Northeast now has to offer. As a member of our CSA, you will receive a total of 18-20 lbs of regionally-sourced grains from a variety of growers, including Boundbrook Farm, Milestone Mill, Maine Grains, Small Valley Milling, and more. Over the course of the winter season, shareholders will be able to experiment with an abundance of local, nutrient-dense foods, including freshly milled whole grain flour (rye, spelt, pastry flour, buckwheat); whole grains and staples (beans, rice, barley); and value-added products (crackers, popcorn, pasta). Sign up today to put your stake in the future of a robust regional grainshed! 

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