News & Notes

Megan Larmer, Director of Regional Food Programs at Glynwood, discusses Kitchen Cultivars: an initiative by local farmers and culinary professionals to keep crops diverse while expanding our flavor palates as well.

Director of Farm Stewardship Dave Llewellyn explains why we should pay particular attention to soil science in this day and age, and shares how Glynwood imparts this knowledge onto its apprentices.

It turns out that managing the grazing needs of livestock on a farm and playing chess have more similarities than you might think. In both cases, you should always be thinking at least two moves ahead and be considering all outcomes. Here are some thoughts from a livestock farmer.

A word from our Vegetable Production Manager about the challenges that climate change poses to farming here at Glynwood.

Glynwood looks back fondly on the life of Maggie, a horse who left a legacy of nothing but heartiness and patience here on our farm.