News & Notes

Megan Larmer, Glynwood's Director of Regional Food, brushes off her waitress skills, and pitches in for one night of dinner service at the Allied Media Conference's Dream Cafe: the culmination of a vision created by Ora Wise to ensure the conference's food offerings were as meaningful, nourishing and inclusive as the rest of the programming.

At most grocery stores, you will find produce that has no blemishes, but have you ever wondered what happens to all of the produce that isn’t picture perfect?

Ten years ago, Glynwood engaged the Farmscape Ecology Program team, based out of Hawthorne Valley Farm (Ghent, NY), to complete a biological survey of this farm. That original biological survey, completed in 2007, has been an important reference for Glynwood staff as we’ve considered land use decisions in the intervening ten years. Now, given the significant increase in agricultural activity on the property over that timeframe, we wanted to see what has changed.

Glynwood has been the perfect place for Kenyon College student -- and our summer intern --Gabriela Marx to expand her knowledge of plants, soil, and the work of new and beginning farmers.

For the most part, Hudson Valley farmers grow lettuce in the cooler parts of spring and fall and stick to the most familiar looseleaf, romaine, iceberg, and bibb varieties. But there’s a whole world of lettuce diversity to discover! Kitchen Cultivars this year is looking to push past the limits of lettuce!