News & Notes

This winter, Glynwood will be a hub of learning as we host a series of intensive workshops for farmers, part of our goal to host more professional learning experiences onsite. These workshops are geared towards increasing the skills of working farmers in the region, with an emphasis on the “start-up farmer” whose operation is less than ten years old – the type of farms we are serving with our Farm Business Incubator.

Glynwood welcomes Lynda Prim as Senior Director of Glynwood's Farm and Judith Mogul as Chair of the Board of Directors, among other additions.

Jarret Nelson, our Vegetable Production Manager, shares some words as we say farewell to our group of farm apprentices who spent the better part of a year at Glynwood learning the ins and outs of regenerative agriculture.

Bringing the farm to the city, and carrying on an annual tradition launched by Glynwood in 2011 as a part of its Cider Project, Cider Week New York City runs from November 2 – 11 this year, and is intended to deepen awareness and appreciation of orchard-based hard cider made throughout the state by showcasing it in area bars, restaurants, bottle shops and beyond. Find a cider happening near you!

Megan Larmer, Director of Regional Food Programs at Glynwood, discusses Kitchen Cultivars: an initiative by local farmers and culinary professionals to keep crops diverse while expanding our flavor palates as well.