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We’re Taking “Charge” of the Future

Glynwood now has two new electric vehicle charging stations in the office parking lot, which will allow us to charge four cars at a time. Installing these EV charging stations was a larger task than expected, including trenching hundreds of feet to run a new transformer, jackhammering through bedrock, and "discovering" things underground.

We’ve also built capacity for at least two additional stations, to be installed when demand grows. Concurrent with this project, we purchased a new electric car for Glynwood, and the difference in charge times from a standard outlet (several days) to these dedicated units (just hours) is striking.  

Glynwood is committed to clean and sustainable energy, and providing infrastructure to help facilitate electric transportation is an important step along the journey.

Many thanks to the skilled and hard work of property crew Chris Jennings, Brian Kissane and Jake Medary, as well as the wiring and installation by Ricci Electric. We are pleased to offer this service to staff, friends of Glynwood, and guests. For any questions about our EV chargers, please be in touch with Mark Daisley at 

For how to access and use the chargers, please reach out to Glynwood’s Manager of Administration, Michael Smith.