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Welcome to our 2024 Glynwood Apprentices!

Spring has arrived at Glynwood, and with it, our new cohort of apprentices. Please join us in welcoming them! 

This season’s apprentices come from near and far, carrying with them a diversity of experiences and a shared interest in developing a more intimate understanding of the processes of growing, raising, and harvesting food in ways that promote the health of land, people, and community. Learn more about this season's apprentices below.

Sophia Spano (Vegetable Apprentice) (She/her): I’m from White Plains, N.Y. Previously I've worked on two vegetable farms and before that in vineyards. I enjoy camping, exploring towns and forests, working hard, sleeping well, and eating good. I'm excited to learn more about soil health and crop planning.

Laurel Bishop (Livestock Apprentice) (She/they): I am passionate about land stewardship, being connected to my food system, and everything that surrounds it. I’m a practicing yogi and an avid hiker from beautiful coastal California. I'm enthusiastic about learning basic veterinary skills to understand how to care for livestock, as well as getting a grasp on regenerative principles and how to create optimal grazing plans.

Zoe Tor (Vegetable Apprentice) (She/Her): I'm from Massachusetts, and this will be my second season of farming. I went to school for horticulture science, and I'm interested in building my skills and connecting with other farmers. I'm excited to learn about crop management, especially pest and disease management. Looking forward to meeting everyone!

Charlotte Littell (Livestock Apprentice) (she/her): I grew up in Ithaca, N.Y., and was introduced to farming through family friends with an organic vegetable CSA. I farm because I love good food and I think everyone deserves to eat well! I'm excited to become a proficient livestock handler.

Noah Goodman (Vegetable Apprentice) (He/Him/They): I grew up in Westchester County, N.Y., lived in Providence, RI during & after college, and have since moved to various places far-ish and wide-ish. I am excited to be living and working closer to home than I have in many years, and I look forward to meeting everyone! I'm most excited to be developing, refining, and mastering tractor work.