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CSA & Farm Store

CSA and Farm Store Protocols

Thank you for reviewing and following these protocols so that everyone may enjoy a happy and healthy visit to our farm.

CSA Pickup Information

Vegetable CSA pick-up procedure: 

  • Staffed Pickup Hours: Weekly on Tuesdays and Fridays from 2PM-6PM.
  • Pick-up Location: At a staffed table behind the summer farm store.
  • Selecting Your Share: Customers select their share from our market-style tables, as directed by our staff.

Additional information:

  • After-hours pick-ups: We are strongly encouraging all CSA members to pick up on their pre-selected assigned day. Per the CSA guidelines that were sent in May, should you find yourself unexpectedly unable to pick up your share, please send an email to our Farm Marketing and CSA Coordinator, Ryan Stasolla, by 7PM on the pickup day to discuss limited after-hours pickup on Wednesdays and Saturdays. 
  • Pick-your-own items: Cherry tomatoes, hot peppers, culinary herbs, medicinal herbs, and flowers will be available as pick-your-own items during the season. 
  • Swap Box: You may exchange one or two items in your share for any items in the swap box of approximate value. Please only swap out items you genuinely don’t like the taste of, not produce you're not sure how to prepare. Learning how to cook new produce is one of the benefits of being part of a CSA. There is an easy and delicious recipe for everything you will receive! 
  • Donation Box: We will have a donation box available if you would like to donate a portion of your share to a local pantry where it will be greatly appreciated.
  • Changing Pick-up Dates: If you can’t make it to a pickup, you may change your pickup day according to the instructions sent out in the May welcome email
  • Missed Pick-ups: If you miss a pickup date without prior notice, or day-of notice to confirm next-day pickup, there is no way to make up that share; it is automatically donated to a local food pantry where it will be greatly appreciated.
  • Having Someone Else Pick-up For You: Is encouraged! You don’t need to let Ryan know if you wish to have someone else pick-up your share. They just need to sign in for you on the sign-in sheet.
  • Dogs: All dogs must be leashed and under the control of their handler at all times. Please be so kind as to pick up after your dog and carry out with you. Due to our USDA Organic certification and for health and safety reasons, absolutely no dogs are permitted inside our CSA Field fence. 
  • Speed Limit: The speed limit on Glynwood Rd. is 20MPH - we ask that you follow this limit to ensure the safety of all Glynwood staff and guests.
  • Traffic Flow: Glynwood Rd is one way after you drive through the stone pillars. Please continue around the circle to exit after you have picked up your share.

Farm Store Information:

  • Hours: Weekly on Fridays from 2PM-6PM.
  • Location: Glynwood's Summer Farm Store is located in the white shed in the CSA Field, the vegetable field on the left hand side of the road as you drive towards the office. Please park in the gravel lot alongside the fence.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to email the Farm Marketing and CSA Coordinator, Ryan Stasolla at and see you at the farm!

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