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Embracing Winter and Preparing for Spring: Multi-Flora Rose Restoration Project Update

Through the serene hush of winter, Glynwood’s Multiflora Rose Thicket Restoration Project has continued behind the scenes. The ground, frozen and unyielding, patiently awaits the warmth of spring to resume its transformation. In this final installment of our restoration series, we share the behind-the-scenes preparations that promise a vibrant rebirth come April 2024.

While the site rests, our team has been far from idle. The carefully propagated native plants featured in previous blogs are flourishing in conditioned spaces, eagerly anticipating their moment to take root in the rejuvenated soil. As the ground thaws, these new buds will find their home along the Perkins trail.

Learning from permaculture principles, we've been meticulously planning the site layout. A 10'x10' grid delineates the Perkins trail. Following guild recommendations, we've envisioned harmonious pairings like Northern Pecan with Pawpaw and Black Walnut with Blackberry/Red Mulberry/Elderberry. In the diagram shown, you’ll see the low trees follow a natural curve in the landscape.

A central Honey Locust tree shades an inviting seating area, encouraging visitors to pause and immerse themselves in the beauty of the surroundings. Informative signage at the Southern path entrance will guide visitors through the project's purpose and significance.

Careful analysis of drone footage has allowed us to pinpoint the locations of large rocks, ensuring they become integral elements of the landscape since they cannot be moved. Spacing between Blackberry bushes facilitates visitor access and allows for sporadic picking—a delightful (and delicious) interactive element for those exploring the trail.

To enhance the visitor experience, large patches of similar species have been strategically arranged, to help with quick and easy identification. This intentional grouping promises a more immersive educational journey, unlike scattered species across the expansive property.

Glynwood is poised for a spectacular spring awakening, when the Multiflora Rose Thicket Restoration Project will blossom into a testament to nature's resilience and the collaborative efforts of our dedicated team. Stay tuned for the unfolding beauty of the Thicket Project in April!

This work is funded by Partners for Climate Action Hudson Valley (PCA).