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Welcome Two New Glynwood Ambassadors!

Welcome Two New Glynwood Ambassadors!

Ambassadors are advocates for Glynwood’s mission who share their passion for our work with their peers and audiences. 

Raj Patel, distinguished author, filmmaker, activist, and academic has joined Glynwood as a new Ambassador, bringing a wealth of experience and passion for building equitable food systems. Raj currently serves as a Research Professor at the Lyndon B Johnson School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas in Austin. His background includes degrees from the University of Oxford, the London School of Economics, and Cornell University. Raj has not only worked for institutions like the World Bank and the World Trade Organization, but has also been a vocal advocate against those institutions, participating in protests around the world.

In his role as a Glynwood Ambassador, Raj will support our mission to cultivate just and resilient regional food systems, helping communities, farmers and the land thrive. His impressive body of work—from bestselling books like "Stuffed and Starved" and "The Value of Nothing" to his acclaimed documentary "The Ants & The Grasshopper"—reflects his profound understanding of the intricacies of our global food system. His latest book, "Inflamed: Deep Medicine and The Anatomy of Injustice," co-authored with Rupa Marya, contributes to critical conversations about the intersection of health, justice, and food. We look forward to working alongside Raj to bring meaningful change. Welcome Raj!

Kate Rutherford, another new Glynwood Ambassador, brings a unique set of skills and passion to the role. Kate is not only a professional rock climber but also an artist, wilderness advocate, and devoted consumer of leafy organic greens. Her global climbing adventures include first ascents on iconic peaks in Patagonia, Kenya, and Venezuela, as well as a notable free ascent of El Capitan's Freerider route. Kate's diverse experiences—including earning a biology degree from Colorado College, rural homesteading in Alaska, and subsistence hunting and fishing—have shaped her perspective on the intersection of climbing, sustainable living, and environmental activism.

As a Glynwood Ambassador, Kate will help advance our work to support regional food systems. Each Ambassador contributes a unique set of expertise and interests in alignment with Glywood’s vision, and Kate’s initiative, Farm to Crag. Is a perfect match. Farm to Crag aims to connect climbers to local and sustainable food sources through tangible resources, community engagement, and education. Kate's dedication to promoting organic regenerative agriculture's role in combating climate change, coupled with her adventurous spirit, makes her an inspiring advocate. We eagerly anticipate the positive impact Kate will bring to Glynwood as an Ambassador, blending climbing, stories, farms, maps, organic greens, and environmental activism into a powerful force for change. Welcome Kate!