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News & Notes

This fall, Glynwood welcomed two new members to round out our Development and Communications Team. Jenn Hayden came on board in September as Director of Development, and Megan McGuinness joined the team in October as Development and Communications Coordinator. 

Growing high quality crops and livestock no matter the weather has been a goal of farmers since the earliest days of agriculture. Although farming traditions in the Hudson Valley offer valuable risk management strategies specific to the region and developed over centuries, the growing disruptions caused by climate change go far beyond the challenges faced by previous generations of farmers. This means that today’s farmers need new management tools—tools that past generations did not need—to be successful.

The Hudson Valley Apprenticeship, launched by Glynwood in 2022, is a decentralized apprenticeship program that provides education, training and mentoring to a cohort of aspiring farmers across the Mid-Hudson Valley. Through a dynamic set of hands-on and classroom-based learning opportunities, exercises in goal setting and mentorship from some of the region’s most experienced farmers, apprentices learn the foundational agricultural skills needed for success in their future careers as farmers and food system professionals.

Choy Commons was created in 2021 by Asian American farmers and organizers in New York City and the Hudson Valley who came together to weave relationships between Asian and Asian American & Pacific Islander (AAPI) growers, mutual aid groups, and community-based organizations. Their goal? To preserve ancestral foodways and provide culturally important produce to those in need.

Ready to roll up your sleeves? Join us for a community-powered ecological restoration project!

We need your help restoring about 3 acres of farmland by removing undesirable plants and replanting with desirable native plants that produce food for people, forage for our livestock, and high quality habitat for beneficial wildlife like native pollinators and birds.