News & Notes

Glynwood gathers food professionals from chefs and bartenders to cider makers and apple growers for a tour of the various orchards and cider operations in the Hudson Valley.

Senior Farm Director Lynda Prim recounts our Livestock Team's recent trip to the neighboring Q Farms to select new cattle for Glynwood's livestock operation.

Glynwood's Vegetable Production Manager, Jarret, shares some knowledge on winter crop storage as well as offers some tips on how you can keep your veggies as fresh as possible.

Snapshots of the fresh, organic vegetables made available through Glynwood's CSA pickup every week.

Glynwood President Kathleen Finlay and Senior Director of Glynwood's Farm Lynda Prim travel to Colorado and New Mexico for the Slow Food Nations conference as well as a chance to connect with farmers in the Southwest.