Training Farmers

Here at Glynwood, we practice regenerative agriculture and train young farmers in relation to a regional food system. We are also supporting a new generation of farmers as they establish successful and resilient operations and accelerate the transformation of agriculture to a more regenerative and sustainable system. We seek to fuel this transformation by demonstrating, educating, and being an incubator of new ideas. 

  • Each year, we welcome six apprentices to our Farm in Cold Spring, NY for an 8-month Vegetable Apprenticeship and a 10-month Livestock Apprenticeship. We offer hands-on practicum and in-field mentoring supported by classroom curriculum, workshops, farm visits, and Mid-Hudson CRAFT (Collaborative Regional Alliance for Farmer Training) participation. Our Apprentice Program advances new farmers on their path to becoming a farm manager or an owner/operator of their own farm.

    Glynwood Apprentices receive: A private, furnished room in a shared Apprentice farmhouse at Glynwood, a weekly stipend, and workers compensation insurance

  • The mission of this program is to enhance the economic and social viability of Hudson Valley farms in their first five years of operation by providing business planning and technical assistance to new farm enterprises. If we succeed, we will be keeping the Hudson Valley’s working landscapes in agricultural production that works in concert with natural systems.

    To accomplish the goals of this program, Glynwood’s team of experienced mentors and service providers creates a customized support plan for each participating farm business, including business training, technical support, and mentoring in advanced practical skills for new farm enterprises, tailored to their specific needs. In addition to the technical assistance our staff provides, The Hudson Valley Farm Business Incubator benefits from our robust network of educators and technical service providers. Through these networks we offer legal and land access assistance, including: lease and purchase arrangements, incorporation, and HR advising.

    We accept applications to participate in the Farm Business Incubator Program on a rolling basis. Once we accept a participant into one of our Incubator cohorts, participants have the option of being part of the program for two years. To further support this mission, the Farm Business Incubator Program also makes scholarships available on a competitive basis when funding allows.

  • We host several dozen Farmer Training Workshops throughout the year for all regional farmers and farm apprentices. We develop and adapt the list of these workshop topics in response to the needs of the farmers in our region.