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We manage our animals in a way that ensures their welfare, improves the health of our soil and pastures and provides our community with healthier, more sustainable alternatives to industrialized food.

Assistant Livestock Manager Stephanie Pittman feeding chickens. Photo by Eva Deitch.

We raise two distinct groups of livestock: ruminants and omnivores. Raising both allows us to form a more cohesive grazing strategy for our property.

Our philosophy follows the principles of management-intensive grazing, where animals graze a small portion of pasture (an individual paddock) while other paddocks are rested and allowed to recover. This method of livestock farming has been gaining strong support from agricultural, environmental and animal welfare professionals as an alternative to the destructive practices of industrial feedlot operations.

Our livestock operation is Animal Welfare Approved (AWA) for our cattle, laying hens, ruminants and pigs. 

To purchase our pasture-raised meat and eggs, visit the CSA & Farm Store section of our website for information on our online store, Farm Store and winter sales hours.