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Kathleen Finlay will be a Visiting Scholar at the American Academy in Rome

The American Academy in Rome (AAR) invited Glynwood President Kathleen Finlay to be a visiting scholar for the month of January 2022 as a leading thinker in regional food systems. She will spend time during her residency at AAR exploring the historical and contemporary regional food system surrounding Rome to identify specific approaches and interventions that foster or hinder a healthy, just and sustainable supply of local food. Specific inquiries will include the deeply rooted cultural traditions of Italian foodways, the proliferation of agritourism, regenerative agroecological practices and future farming considerations. Her findings will be evaluated to reveal similarities and differences with Glynwood’s current efforts to build a robust regional food system in the Hudson Valley. The analysis will illuminate new, innovative approaches that could be introduced, replicated or inspire action in New York. We couldn’t be more excited for Kathleen, and look forward to learning about Rome’s regional food system when she returns.