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Board of Directors

Linda Quella

Linda, together with her husband James, live in Sharon, Connecticut. After seven years of operating a sustainable, pasture based livestock farm, they shifted their resources to launch a new non profit called Tri Corner Food Equity, Education and Distribution. Tri Corner F.E.E.D.'s goal is to help build a more resilient local food system by working to help create markets and remove barriers for farmers and expand access to nutrient dense food to all members of their community.

Prior to farming, Linda worked for almost 30 years as a financial advisor. She retired from a position as one of the CFO's of a multi-billion dollar software and media company in NYC.

Linda and her husband live in Sharon Connecticut and have three grown children. They are committed to better understanding the environmental impact of regenerative grazing practices and strive to find a fact based, balanced approach to dealing with the many challenges of providing affordable, accessible food to our communities.