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Board of Directors

Hasna Rtabi

After completing a Bachelor's in Computer Science, specializing in Artificial Intelligence at Stanford University, Hasna Rtabi gained experience as a software engineer at Google and Microsoft. Subsequently, she pursued a Master's in Human Nutrition at Columbia University, delving into research exploring the correlation between food insecurity and cardiac health in congestive heart failure patients. These endeavors provided her valuable insights into the nexus of healthcare, technology, and community welfare.

Passionate about making a difference, Hasna actively contributes to community outreach initiatives. She managed a free clinic for uninsured patients and led educational STEM workshops for underrepresented groups. She is dedicated to developing accessible and innovative solutions for enhanced health outcomes.

As a recent addition to Glynwood's Board of Directors, Hasna is enthusiastic about leveraging her skills and experiences to contribute to Glynwood's mission of sustainable agriculture, healthy food systems, and fostering community connections.