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Our Mission

Glynwood’s mission is to cultivate just and resilient regional food systems so that communities, farmers and the land thrive.  

Our vision is a Hudson Valley where farmers prosper, food entrepreneurs succeed, residents are nourished and visitors are inspired.

While our operations are based mostly in this region, we believe our values serve a larger social purpose.

Environmental Resilience & Conservation: Regenerative agriculture conserves landscapes, promotes biological diversity and mitigates climate change.

Human Health: Food grown and raised with best soil-building and husbandry practices is fundamental for human health.

Regional Prosperity: Food production can be a powerful driver of economic prosperity.

Social Equity: Communities are empowered to decide for themselves what food is grown, how it is grown, who can access it, and how the profits of the system are deployed to disrupt systemic oppression and heal from the trauma it causes.

Cultural Vibrancy: A regional food system fosters a strong sense of place, brings people together, and increases social capital for residents from a diversity of social and economic backgrounds.