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News & Notes

Introducing our two newest Glynwood Ambassadors, Danielle and Gabrielle Davenport, the brilliant minds behind BEM Books and More! Learn more about Danielle and Gabrielle in this blog post.

Spring has arrived at Glynwood, and with it, our new cohort of apprentices. Please join us in welcoming them! This season’s apprentices come from near and far, carrying with them a diversity of experiences and a shared interest in developing a more intimate understanding of the processes of growing, raising, and harvesting food in ways that promote the health of land, people, and community. Learn more about this season's apprentices in this blog post

Through the serene hush of winter, Glynwood’s Multiflora Rose Thicket Restoration Project has continued behind the scenes. The ground, frozen and unyielding, patiently awaits the warmth of spring to resume its transformation. In this final installment of our restoration series, we share the behind-the-scenes preparations that promise a vibrant rebirth come April 2024.

Today, we highlight our dedicated community crew of five passionate individuals who have embarked on a transformative restoration project that goes beyond simply removing bushes and building a dead hedge.

In the third installment in our series on the Multiflora Thicket Restoration project, we highlight the remarkable efforts of our dedicated volunteers. With sweat-drenched brows and a shared commitment to environmental stewardship, the Hudson Valley community and our dedicated Glynwood crew have worked tirelessly to remove invasive species and help restore a more optimal environment for native plants.