Our Staff

Lynda Prim

Lynda began her career in sustainable agriculture and food systems as Director of High Desert Research Farm at Ghost Ranch in New Mexico. She then co-founded and directed The Farm Connection, a set of farmer-focused programs that spanned access to funding, on-farm research, an annual conference, provision of technical assistance, and coordination of farmer-to-farmer education. While with The Farm Connection, Lynda also served as an Inspector for Organic Certification in the National Organic Program’s formative years, learning the ins and outs of certifying organic production. In the years that followed, Lynda continued her work to build a more sustainable agriculture by overseeing quality assurance and conducting crop research for Seeds of Change’s network of seed growers, assessing and forging new approaches to agricultural apprenticeships and providing technical assistance to farmers at NOFA Vermont, providing marketing strategy and production coaching to a cooperative of 52 Hispanic growers in Southern Colorado, and managing the Native Seeds/SEARCH Conservation Farm where she also trained indigenous interns in sustainable farming. In her most recent role at the Rodale Institute, Lynda ran the Agriculture Supported Communities Program, leading production planning, farmer training, and developing community partnerships to build an accessible and affordable Community Supported Agriculture program.

In addition to these experiences and capacities, Lynda brings to Glynwood a deep passion for and perspective on regenerative agriculture with knowledge on how to build those systems, both on a specific plot of land and within a region. As an educator, she inspires that knowledge and capacity in others. And throughout her career, she has exercised her perspective that engaging diverse people and communities is central to creating an agriculture that is indeed sustainable.