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Professional Audiences

Educational Expeditions

The Hudson Valley is at the vanguard of regional food system development. By curating educational tours of our own region, as well as trips to other iconic food regions around the world, Glynwood strives to strengthen place-based solutions and forge connections between food and farming professionals. From our organization’s earliest roots in The Countryside Institute, Glynwood has been keen on building exchange and collaboration by bringing together communities with shared interests and goals. It was, in fact, a Countryside Exchange to the Netherlands that first focused the organization’s aims on sustainable agriculture.

Since our first trip abroad, we have coordinated expeditions focused on cider culture in Normandy, France; Southwest England; Asturias, Spain; and here in the Hudson Valley. Close collaboration with peers in each region has resulted in itineraries of unusual breadth and depth. These immersive experiences inspire in the moment, but also equip participants with the vision and resources to bring newfound knowledge back to their day-to-day work. Glynwood looks forward to seeing where cider--and regional food culture more broadly--takes us next.