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Thank You

Thank you to the following individuals and organizations whose gifts during the period of January 1, 2018 through March 31, 2019 have helped support the future of food in the Hudson Valley.

Each and every donation helps train farmers and food professionals and promotes a more sustainable regional food system that is healthy, equitable and resilient. We have taken great care in compiling this list of our supporters.  In the unfortunate event we have made an error or omission, please accept our sincere apologies and contact Clayton Smith at 845-265-3338 ext. 101 to have the error corrected. 


Richard Albert

John and Sheila Amato

American Farmland Trust

Tom Andruss

Angry Orchard


Alison Anthoine

Ronald Aubert

Phil and Robin Azzollini

Jodi Balkan

Barber and Brew

Celia Barbour and Peter Weed

Louis Bauer

BDT and Company

Ben Yarmolinsky and Kay Murray

Deb Bernadini and Tony Margherita

Nancy and Tom Berner

Scott Berrie

Vivian Berry

Birdie Imaging Supplies, Inc.

Norman and Julia Bobrow

Sarah Bohrer

Dana Bourland

Mirna Alicia Brahms

Susan Branagan

Stephanie Breslow and Paul Watterson

Jay Britton and Tracy Ziemer

G. Kirby and JoAnn Brown

Nancy Brownell

Christopher Buck and Hara Schwartz

Ted Buerger

Bill Burback and Peter Hoffman

Ann Burgunder

Kevin Burke and David Kimelman


F. Colin and Paula Cabot

Carla Borelli and Donald May

Catherine Carnevale

James and Tara Caroll

Seamus Carroll and Marie Weick

Cesare Casella

Michael Cavataio

Alex Chachkes and Charlotte Davidson

Charles O'Malley Charitable Lead Trust

Ina Cholst

Anne Citrin

Clearway Community Solar

Clif Bar Family Foundation

Barbara Cohen-Hon

Joseph Colarusso

Carole Anne Coleman and Jeffrey Judd

Fresh Company

Richard and Elizabeth Corio

Jim Corless

Corymore Foundation

Cassandra Cotoia and Jim Brockway

Jeremy Crandall and Adam Kerzner

Cross Architecture New York

James and Kara Cross

T. Jefferson Cunningham III

Mark and Lauren Daisley

David and Carolyn Llewellyn

Carole Davidson

Davines North America

Jane Davis

Lauren Dellolio

Anthony Deos and Jeremy Mahoney

Dia Art Foundation

David Diamond and Karen Zukowski

Karla Diamond

Dobson Foundation

Doris Duke Charitable Foundation

Mary Ann Dorsey Smith

Elaine Douds

Downey Energy

Steven Dubroff

Dunn Family Charitable Giving Fund

Jim Dunn

Nancy Duran and Jason Jercinovic

Nancy P. Durr

Dutchess Land Conservancy

Diana Egnatz

Robert and Cathie Elliott

Betty Epstein

Gale Epstein

Events Unlimited Tent & Party Co.

Jonathan Farber

Farm Credit East

Michael and Ellen Fedosh

Field Productions LLC

Peter and Patty Findlay

Kathleen Finlay and Mark Bittman

Fish & Game

Murray Fisher

Fishkill Farms

Elizabeth and Irvine Flinn

Foods of NY

Mark Forziati and Christina Ferri

Wilbur Foster and Melissa Meyers

Amy Goldman Fowler and Cary Fowler

Bob and Gloria Fox

Carmela Frattellone

Frederic C. Rich Charitable Fund

Fresh Company

Jeremiah and Carolyn Friedman

Calley Frith

Sue and Mort Fuller

Lucie Fuller-Kling and David Holliday

Furthermore Grants In Publishing

Paulette, John and Jennifer Galvin

Garner Arts Center

Gary Saltz Foundation Inc.


Rosalie Genevro

Lynne Gilson

Josh Ginsberg

Priscilla Goldfarb

Susan and Jim Goodfellow

Michelle Gordon and Valerie Zarcone

Sara Grady

Gramercy Tavern

Robert Greenfield

Nick Groombridge and Kim Conner

Jonea Gurwitt

Theodore Haber and Sezelle Gereau

Hans Hageman

Pam Euler Halling

Evan Hanczor

Harney & Sons

Serena Hatch

Kyle and Jacqueline Henderson

Henry L. Kimelman Family Foundation

Rick Hickman

May Brawley Hill

Hilpert Law Offices

Casey Hilpert

LeRoy Hogan

Rick Holliday

Lisa Holmes and Bob Stern

Shawn Hubbell

Hudson River Museum

Hudson Valley Farm Hub

Hudson Valley FRESH

Jolie Hunt and William Potter

Hunter Grubb Foundation

L. Stockton and Eleanor Illoway

Anne Impellizzeri

Vincent Inconiglios and Donna Raftery

Kevin Irby

James and Lenny Grefig

Jewish Communal Fund

Christine Johanson

Johnny's Selected Seeds

Ayana Johnson

Tracey Jordan and Paul Gallay

Joshua R. Ginsberg Fund

Joyce & Irving Goldman Family Foundation

K & J Partners, LLC

Grace Kang

Samantha Kappagoda and David Mordecai

Irene and Delmar Karlen

Kate J. Solomon Family Foundation

Katonah Museum of Art

Molly Kile and Dan Hellin

Kingsberg Foundation

Fred L. Kirschenmann Ph.D.

Mark Kleiman and Stephanie Lynn

Alexander Klosterkemper

Melissa and Lewis Kohl

Danny Kramer and Judith Mogul

Judah and Michele Kraushaar

Kristine and Jay Vallandingham

Zopari Kristjanson and Stefan Springman

Richard and Natasha Krupp

Lars and Marit Kulleseid

Alane Kuper

Barbara and Richard Kurz

Land Family Foundation

Douglas Land and Lynn Peebles

Maggi Landau

Celia and J. Christopher Lang

Angela Lansbury

Kim Larson and Gary Knell

Lawrence and Elizabeth Susman Karp

Le Coq Rico

Thorsten Leiduck

Jodi Leo

Ulises and Christina Liceaga

Skip Lievsay

Donna Light

Susan Lipsey

Vilar Locascio

Bevis and Clara Longstreth

Alexander Lopatin

Arthur Lopatin

Peter Lopatin

Lauren Lorberbaum and Sean Donohue

Charlie Lowry

George and Judy Lowry

Larry Lunt

Timothy Lynch

Ashley Manca

Mary Harriman Foundation

Mary Waldner Advised Fund

Claudio Marzollo

David Marzollo

Carol Masone

Nancy Matsumoto

Caroleana M. Mattos

Davis McCallum

Dale McDonald

Daniel and Cindy McEvoy

Anne McGuire

Deborah and Jason McManus

Sean Meehan and Heather Hooks

Peter and Gretchen Menzies

Friedrike Merck

Josephine Merck

Charles Merinoff

Metlife Foundation


Meyer Contracting Corporation

Christian Meyer

Rosamond Pope and Jake Meyer

Eric Michalski and Diane Vista-Wayne

Diane and Paul Miller

Katharine Millonzi

Shelley and David Mortimer

Arnold Moss and Nancy Abraham

Susanne Moss

Deanna and Craig Muraszewski

Daniel Murphy and Katie-Jane Bailey

NB & JB Family Foundation

Jarret Nelson

William Nesbitt and Michele deSavigny

Marion Nestle

Rodman Neumann

Liz Neumark

Blake and Belle Newton

NoVo Foundation

Christopher O'Brien

Samantha and Bryce O'Brien

Wendy O'Brien

Offit Capital

Old Souls NYC LLC

Orentreich Family Foundation

David Orentreich and Marina Killery

Felix Ortiz

Lida Orzeck

Frederick and Anne Osborn

George and Gloria Pacchiana

Glenn and Alina Pacchiana

Henry Paciullo

Sunny Park

Rod and Christine Patton

Lanny Paykin and Laura Hamilton-Paykin

Todd Petzel

Joseph and Kathy Plummer

Sheldon Pollock and Allison Busch

Purdy's Farmer and the Fish

Robert Quinn

Alex Raij

Ralph E. Ogden Foundation, Inc.

Matt Ranaletta

Lisa and Timothy Rasic

Emily and Gil Raviv

Bert and Sheilah Rechtschaffer

Alex Reese and Alison Spear

Theresa Reeves-Simpson

Maria Reich

Laurie Rhodes

Frederic Rich

Rockefeller Family Fund

Susan and David Rockefeller

Susan Rodriguez and Charles Lowry

Elizabeth Barlow Rogers

Ronald and Deborah Stock

James Rooke and Claire Chambers

Jonathan and Diana Rose

Lew and Wendy Rubin

Jane Russell

Harriet Hawes Savage

Scenic Hudson Land Trust

Larry Schepps

Todd Schmit

Steffen and Rachel Schneider

Joanne Schnell

Nicole Schoolcraft

Patricia Schories and Harry Bolick

Kathryn Schwartz

Scott and Luz Bailey

Shachar Foundation

Stephen Shafer

Dan Shannon and Lillian Jagendorf

Shaun Roberts and Matthew Gulliford

Alison Shaw

Lindsay Shea

Eve Silverman and Alan Kingsberg

Sir Kensington's

Michelle D. Smith

Jon Snyder and Evan Greenberg

Kemal Solakoglu

Something Good In The World, Inc.

Kristin Sorenson

Vivian Sorenson

Jennifer Speers

Jamie Stern

Robert Stern

Steven Holley

Peter Stillman and Liliane Salama

Storm King Art Center

Stout Tent

Joe Stout

Sue Lonoff De Cuevas

Rebecca Swan

Beth Swanstrom

Linda Sweet

Elizabeth Taggart

Jill A Tardiff

Geert and Stephanie Teuwen

Thalle Industries

The Amsterdam

The Berner Family

The Campbell Foundation

The Education Foundation Of America

The Findlay Family Foundation

The Flammerie

The George Link Jr Charitable Trust

The J.M. Kaplan Fund

The Krupp Foundation

The Leo S. Walsh Foundation

The Lowrey Rodriguez Family Trust

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The PCW Management Center, LLC

The Russell Berrie Foundation

The Walbridge Fund LTD

Kimberly Throm and Steve Haggerty

Ernest Tollerson

Tom Pritchard and Jody Rhone

Neal Tomann

Sarah and Brian Tormey

Dina Truncali

Rochelle Udell and Douglas Turshen

Untitled at The Whitney

Martha Upton and Peter Davis


USDA - Northeast SARE


Van Brunt Stillhouse Distillery

Noreen Van Valkenburg

John Velonis

Vera and Myles Weintraub

Victoria and Jeff Wilson-Charles

Ken Vittor and Judith Aisen

Mary Waldner

Jennet Walker and John Auerbach

Devon Walsh

Judith and Jeremy Walsh

Katy Moss Warner

Warwick Valley Winery

Omari Washington

Caitlin Watterson

Dennis Wedlick and Curtis DeVito

Shami and Steve Weisbart

Susan Welber

Heidi Wendel

West Point Tours

Westchester Community Foundation

Penelope Perkins Wilson

Suzanne Wilson

James and Frances Wood

Mai Yee

Marilyn Young

Brad Youvan

Rafael and Dale Zaklad

Peter Zakrewski

Chris Zuehlsdorff and Anita Suchdeo