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Regenerative Farming at Glynwood

Ask a Farmer!

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Heirloom tomatoes are a summer time staple and each variety has a unique story as well as flavor.  Here are the varieties that we grow at Glynwood.

There is so much you can plant in the mid to late summer for an abundance of produce in the fall. 

Broccoli is a cool weather how can you keep it from bolting as the soil heats up from these repeated long, hot summer days?

This home grower's radishes looked so promising with healthy bunches of leafy greens growing above the soil. But alas, almost no roots at all! Lynda shares some insights.

With summer's arrival we are all eagerly awaiting the tomato bounty that is just around the corner. If you're growing tomatoes at home, check out Senior Farm Director Lynda Prim's tending tips along with a quick nitrogen lesson, as well!

"How do I know my carrots are ready to harvest when they grow underground?" And other questions from a new grower...

Achieving success with your home fruit trees is a complex subject, and can take time and patience over multiple seasons, as Lynda explains here to this home peach-grower.

Tips for growing Cucurbit vine crops such as cucumbers, squash, melons, and watermelons in our temperate climate.