Farming at Glynwood

Glynwood’s Farm models regenerative practices, documents business strategies and provides a training ground for farm apprentices, while providing fresh, locally-produced food to our community.


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We operate a 225-acre farm, where regenerative and locally appropriate agricultural practices rebuild the soil fertility and health of our pastures, producing healthful food to nourish the local community. Our farm provides a venue to train apprentice farmers, allows us to develop and test innovative agricultural practices, and gives us an opportunity to experience first-hand the challenges and opportunities associated with farming in the Hudson Valley.

Though the Hudson Valley is a traditionally agricultural region, the land here is rocky and steep–topography that is not ideal for farmland. Like many small and mid-size farms in the region, our land was not actively farmed for many years, resulting in soils and pastures that need revitalizing. Our farming practices model solutions to overcome these challenges and make way for viable farm businesses in this region.

Our farming operations include a 130-share Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program, a flock of free-range laying hens and meat chickens, and a multi-species grazing operation with cows, sheep, pigs and goats. Our produce is Certified Naturally Grown, and our livestock operation has achieved Animal Welfare Approved certification for our cows, pigs, goats and sheep. We also operate a Farm Store, where products from Glynwood and other regional producers are available for purchase.