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Winter Farm Store

It’s understandable and quite common to think that farming only happens in the summer. Long, warm, sunny days are synonymous with farmers markets, farm stands, and visits to the farm to pick up your farm share, pick flowers and tomatoes, and enjoy the beauty of the farm in full bloom. Fortunately, that experience doesn’t have to end just because summer is over. Winter on the farm might look a bit different, but inside the winter farm store there is a comforting fire in the fireplace, storage crops such as parsnips, potatoes, carrots, beets, and cabbage galore, and even a bounty of fresh greens! You see, we don’t stop growing just because the temperatures have fallen—we continue to grow fresh greens such as kale, tatsoi, bok choy, escarole, spinach, chard, and more in our high tunnels and underneath a special seasonal fabric cover for vegetables called “remay” or “row cover”. These growing techniques allow us to continue growing all year long, so that we can include cut greens in the winter CSA share and have them available in the winter farm store, too. Often sporting a sweeter flavor due to having been through the frost, winter greens can be a sweet but healthy treat. 

Our winter store has jumped around the property a few times in recent years, but has now happily landed for the second year in a row in the small stone building adjacent to Perkins House. Cozy and sporting a fireplace, the winter farm store on a fall evening is a small respite from the cold, warm and inviting. With more Glynwood-grown vegetables, Glynwood-grazed meats, and local goods in stock than ever before, you’ll want to make the trip up the driveway. We look forward to welcoming you to Glynwood and introducing you to all the delicious crops, meats, and local goods that winter has to offer here in the Hudson Valley. See you soon!