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This year we’re proud to be raising our own Glynwood-grazed heritage breed Bourbon Red turkeys for Thanksgiving. Raising turkeys can be tricky business, and this year was no exception. As farmers, we do everything we can to protect the livestock that are under our care and give them a good life, but raising livestock on a pasture-based system carries with it certain challenges and risks that can’t be avoided. After losing some birds earlier in the year due to various factors, we bought in more poults. Therefore, we have some turkeys that are a little younger and smaller than the rest of the flock. 

In addition to the limited amount of birds that were available for pre-order earlier this month, we are very excited to offer some small turkeys—which we’ve fondly dubbed “turkettes”—for retail sale on Tuesday, November 23rd from 2 to 6PM during farm store hours. These little turkeys make up for what they lack in size by having amazing flavor and incredibly tender meat. If you’re hosting a small gathering in light of continued covid precautions, don’t want to have turkey leftovers for days, or if it’s just you plus one or two for Thanksgiving, consider one of these “turkettes” for your Thanksgiving bird, or for later when you want to enjoy turkey without the heft of the usual birds! We estimate that they will be between 4.5 and 7 pounds, perfect for a small group, or plenty of leftovers for one. We are not able to offer any holds on these turkeys, so if you’re interested, mark your calendar and come to the farm store on Tuesday, November 23rd from 2 to 6PM to grab your turkette and some fixins’ to go along with it!