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Welcome Apprentices!

Every spring, Glynwood welcomes a new cohort of Farm Apprentices on site. Over the course of the growing season, they learn alongside our farm managers in the fields through a series of carefully designed modules, participate in Mid-Hudson CRAFT site visits to regional farms, and continue their learning in the classroom through a series of farmer training workshops designed by Director of Farmer Training Dave Llewellyn and featuring many regional faculty experts. We are excited to introduce you to our three 2021 Vegetable Apprentices: Ashley Markowitz, Addie McCaul, and Andie Mitchell. 


Ashley grew up in Key Port, New Jersey. She began volunteering on a farm in 2014, and had her first farmhand job at Green Dutchess Farm, which is part of the Duke Farms program in northwest New Jersey. 

So far, all of the farms (including Glynwood) at which Ashley has worked have been in the 6a-7b climate zone range. She enjoys seeing how different microclimates and topographies affect growing conditions, and looks forward to comparing her experience at Glynwood to her past four farm jobs. No matter the climate zone, Ashley’s favorite farm tasks include bulk harvesting kale (she describes it aptly as “beautifully destructive”), setting up irrigation systems, and getting in a good workout broadforking. 

When she isn’t farming, you can find Ashley singing with bands, kayaking, reading Stephen King novels, and spending time with friends and family!


Hailing originally from Washington state, Andie has lived and farmed in a number of places. She began farming while at Lafayette College in Pennsylvania; after graduating with a degree in International Affairs, she worked a season at River Run Farm on the Olympic Peninsula, and tried her hand desert farming in Moab, Utah for a youth garden project. Most recently, Andie was in the Peace Corps in Nepal before being evacuated due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Andie loves growing herbs like cilantro and basil, and keeps them on her kitchen counter at all times. If she’s not in the fields, Addie is likely reading, cooking, spending time with friends, or working on a puzzle. 


Last but not least is Addie! Addie grew up just outside of Silver Springs, Maryland. While studying environmental horticulture at the University of Maryland, she began volunteering at a garden in College Park and held a summer internship at a public garden in Washington, DC. Addie ultimately worked for the University of Maryland Campus Farm, a 200-acre educational and research property in Marlboro, MD that grows 30-40% of the produce served in the university’s dining halls. 

Before coming to Glynwood, Addie was most recently working at a ½ acre diversified vegetable farm in Derwood, MD, where she further developed her love for pruning and trellising tomatoes and growing cut flowers. On her days off, Addie enjoys making art and identifying plants while on hikes.