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Spring at Glynwood’s Farm

Spring is off to a strong start here on the farm, both inside the greenhouse and outside. The propagation house is full of seedlings being nurtured, the baby chicks have arrived and are nestled snugly under the brooder, and outdoor beds are being flipped to make way for those new plants. Our spring plant sale allows you to purchase some of our own certified organic seedlings yourself, to take home and enjoy all summer long! Having your own garden can be a great supplement to a CSA share, or regular purchases at the farm store. Plants are selling out fast, so keep checking back, or email with any questions!

Over in the livestock barn, signs of spring are equally visible. Our first batch of chicks arrived last week, and even though they’re working animals, it’s hard to resist taking a moment to soak in how adorable they are. These are Freedom Ranger variety chicks, born at Freedom Ranger Hatchery in central Pennsylvania. As pictured here, they will spend three to four weeks under the brooder—a small heated enclosure meant to facilitate growth and reduce stress in the chicks—before moving outside to pasture. The chickens will spend a few months here at Glynwood enjoying plenty of space to roam and dining on a high-quality non-GMO, local diet from our friends at Stone House Farm, before heading to processing. We are very happy to be able to raise chickens in an environmentally-friendly manner that also provides a high quality of life for the animals, and to be able to offer local alternatives to the conventional industrial poultry system.