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Towards a Climate Smart Philipstown

It’s been a competitive news cycle in 2020, so you may have missed the recent release of the 2020 Philipstown Carbon Inventory Report. The report was created in partnership with the Town of Philipstown, Ecological Citizens Project, Inc. and ICLEI, USA (Local Governments for Sustainability) and released at the end of May.  Sink, Store, Reduce, Offset: An Innovative GHG Inventory and Its Implications for Achieving Local Carbon Neutrality was written by our friends at the Ecological Citizen’s Project. The Executive Summary and Full Report are each worthy of your attention!

The report, informed by local data, details the sobering reality that we Philipstown residents are heavy feeders in the realm of greenhouse gas consumption. The inventory also provides an estimate for the amount of carbon sequestered by our natural resources. We have work to do to offset our consumption.

I have had the pleasure of serving on the Philipstown Climate Smart Communities Task Force since its inception in 2017 as a representative of Glynwood and as a Philipstown resident. The Task Force is energized and actively working on strategies and recommendations to improve the situation locally and to be a resource and partner to neighboring communities. Please visit the website of the Philipstown Climate Smart Communities Task Force. There you will find recommendations for attainable changes you can make at your household, stories, resources and news about events and initiatives.

At Glynwood, we measure, monitor and adapt our farm management practices to ensure that our regenerative farming practices are part of the solution. We thank you for supporting local farms and businesses, and Philipstown Climate Smart Communities.