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A Message From Kathleen

I am sure someone famously observed how the act of planting a seed is an act of hope, but that thought came to me over and over again yesterday as I grappled with the unjust killing of George Floyd and the civil action it has spurred.

While readying garden beds, clearing out the old weeds and planting new seed, I couldn’t help but wonder what the world will be like when these plants grow and bear food. What lessons will we have learned, what awareness will have seeded and sprouted, what destruction and death will have occurred? I found myself clinging to the hope that there is newness on the horizon. 

Glynwood stands in solidarity with our black communities in the fight for a just and equitable future. We have work to do and are committed to undertaking that work: to learning, to evolving, to growing. We welcome your ideas, thoughts, criticisms. 

And we encourage you to join us. I invite you to email me directly and to learn more about and support those who are on the frontlines of anti-racist work in the food and farming sector -  here are a few: Soul Fire Farm, Black Farmer FundHEAL Food Alliance, The Fertile Ground Project, Association of American Indian Farmers, Farm School NYC, El Departamento de la Comida, Just Food, Indigenous Seedkeepers Network, Black Dirt Farm Collective, Growing Power, Food First, Native American Food Sovereignty Alliance

In a time when this Nation should come together in unity against the pandemic, a tragic example of hatred has disrupted an inelegant collective journey. My farmer friends will remind me that disturbed soil is ripe for new growth.