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Bakers Rising

Bakers Rising

For this month’s Vegetarian Farm Dinner, Chef Mark Gandara is partnering with Hot Bread Kitchen -- a nonprofit organization that creates economic opportunity through careers in food -- to provide delicious, regionally-inspired breads for the event.

Hot Bread Kitchen (HBK) envisions a food system that equitably compensates talent and sustains a diverse workforce while celebrating culinary tradition and innovation. Founded by CEO Jessamyn Waldman Rodriguez and led by Executive Director Shaolee Sen, HBK achieves this mission through two core programs: its employer-driven workforce development program, Bakers in Training; and its business incubation program, HBK Incubates.  As a workforce trainer and incubator of future farmers at Glynwood, we heartily applaud this combined “train-and-mentor” model.

Bakers in Training: HBK’s culinary training is an intensive, paid, on-the-job program for women facing economic insecurity. By learning culinary arts, women from around the world leverage talent and passion to launch careers in food. This program provides paid culinary training along with key skills like English as a second language, knife skills, kitchen math, and science. Women work and learn alongside some of the most talented restauranteurs in the city. HBK places 100% of its graduates who seek employment in fair wage positions with access to benefits and opportunities for advancement.

HBK Incubates: HBK’s Incubator is a shared commercial kitchen space and business support program for high-growth food enterprises. In the capital-intensive culinary industry, HBK’s incubator allows entrepreneurs to mitigate start-up risk and grow their food ventures in a community of business owners.

We couldn’t be happier that Chef Mark has brought this powerfully impactful organization to Glynwood’s Farm Dinner “table!” We look forward to the opportunity to support Hot Bread Kitchen in their work, share their mission, and delight in their delicious breads.

Tickets still available for August 25th all vegetarian dinner.  Click here.

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