Glynwood’s Keep Farming® Program

Empowering Communities to Save Farming

  • Is your community interested in strengthening its farm economy?
  • Would your community like to protect its farmland and open space?
  • Is your community gearing up to develop a comprehensive plan that includes the future of its farming sector?

If your answer to any of these questions is YES, then Glynwood’s Keep Farming program can make the difference in translating your community’s wish to save farming into sustained community action.

What Will Keep Farming Do for Your Community?

Keep Farming staff will provide your community hands-on training, guidance, and materials to:

  •  Create and organize a constituency of community volunteers – including farmers, business leaders, civic officials, planning and land trust professionals, environmentalists, and interested residents.
  •  Research, assemble and use information to quantify and evaluate the role of agriculture in your local economy – information that will be presented at open town forums.
  •  Explore and select economic-development and land-use policies for strengthening your community’s farm sector – which will be adopted in your Keep Farming Action Plan.

What Makes Keep Farming Unique?

Keep Farming is unique and powerful because it starts by building an open, collaborative atmosphere in your community and a constituency that includes all stakeholders – including farmers.   Read More →

Keep Farming Communities in Action

Read case studies of Keep Farming successes to learn how the program can work in your community.

Rural Agricultural Land Use:
A Case Study of the Town of Chatham, NY

Agricultural Economic Development:
A Case Study of the Town of Durham, NY

Urban/Suburban Agriculture:
A Case Study in Rockland County, NY

How Does Keep Farming Work?

Glynwood developed, tested, and piloted Keep Farming in the real world laboratories of a dozen communities in the Hudson Valley.  The result is a program that is ready to work in your community.  Read More →

Learn More

To learn more about how Keep Farming can help your community save farming, call or e-mail Virginia Kasinki at, 1-845-265-3338 x125.

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