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Do you know visionary farmers who not only raise amazing food but have also developed innovations in growing, marketing, and collaborating with their community in new and exciting ways? Are there inventive individuals, organizations or businesses in your community developing cutting-edge models to connect people with sustainable, regionally-produced food? Please help us recognize outstanding accomplishments from around the country by nominating someone whose work you admire for a Glynwood Harvest Award.

The Harvest Awards honor individuals, organizations, and businesses across the United States demonstrating innovation and leadership in support of regional agriculture and sustainable food systems.

Award Categories in 2010

The Glynwood Harvest Farmer Award recognizes a leader in the farm community who has developed cutting edge approaches to production, processing, marketing, or distribution, which may include educating the public and/or other farmers about the importance of soil health, humane livestock management and other sustainable production methods.

The Glynwood Harvest Award for Connecting Communities, Farmers and Food recognizes outstanding work done by individuals, businesses or organizations that link farmers and the broader community to strengthen a regional food system.  Their work can be focused around unique grassroots efforts, the development of creative partnerships between diverse segments of the food system including urban and rural populations, efforts that connect locally grown food with consumers who typically lack access to fresh foods, and similar endeavors to foster a robust, inclusive, and sustainable food system.

The Glynwood Harvest Wave of the Future Award recognizes an individual, business or organization that is developing innovative approaches to address the critical challenges facing our food system. Examples include creative approaches to climate change, food delivery systems and regional infrastructure, and affordable land and agricultural models for beginning farmers.

The Glynwood Harvest Good Food for Health Award recognizes an individual, business or organization that is at the forefront of creating ways to use sustainable, regionally-produced food to improve the health of children, the elderly, and consumers that traditionally do not have access to fresh, healthy food and/or drawing the connection between health care needs/costs and diet.

In all categories:  This year, we are particularly interested in projects that demonstrate one or more of the following:

  • farmer-led collaborative marketing and distribution systems
  • innovative policy models and grassroots advocacy on behalf of family farms and sustainable food production.
  • the advancement of agriculture in underserved communities
  • the key roles being played by young leaders
  • innovative approaches to the production, marketing and distribution of pastured livestock, including the distribution of local protein to restaurants and other institutions

Nominations must be postmarked or e-mailed no later than July 23, 2010.

How to Make a Nomination

Nominate a colleague, friend, community member or yourself by providing a description of the nominee’s accomplishments as well as letters of support and press clips demonstrating the impact of their work.  Download an application.

Download this information in a printable flyer format.

To receive nomination forms via snail mail, please contact Kim Vargo at or (845) 265-3338.