Glynwood Fellows

The Glynwood Fellows program provides a flexible structure within which Glynwood works with selected professional colleagues in new ways, while affording them the opportunity to use Glynwood as a place to work, write, reflect, and relax.

Glynwood’s work with each Fellow begins with a specific joint project, while other ways of working together may develop. For example, fellows are invited to participate in and contribute to Glynwood programs and events as speakers and panelists, when appropriate. Fellows also provide advice to Glynwood’s President and other staff on areas of common interest and serve as a sounding board for program ideas.

While at Glynwood, Fellows are provided with accommodations and access to office facilities when on site. Fellows are also welcome to host meetings at Glynwood with professional colleagues on matters relevant to land use and agriculture and other topics of interest to Glynwood, and to bring colleagues to Glynwood for meetings to introduce them to our staff and programs.

Relationships with Fellows are anticipated to last at least a year, but each is shaped by the particular situation of that Fellow and the focus of his/her work with Glynwood.

For information about applying as a Glynwood Fellow, contact Judy LaBelle.

Current Fellows

Neil HamiltonNeil D. Hamilton, Esq.Professor Neil D. Hamilton is the Dwight D. Opperman Distinguished Professor of Law and Director of the Agricultural Law Center at Drake University Law School in Des Moines, Iowa.  

Neil has taught and written about agricultural law for 30 years.  Since 1983 he has directed the Agricultural Law Center at Drake, helping establish its national and international reputation for excellence in research, education and public extension on food and agricultural law.  He has received numerous awards for his leadership on sustainable agriculture, law, and food policy, including the Glynwood 2005 Harvest Award for Innovations in Local Food Systems, and he has written extensively on the subject, including the nationally-award-winning Book What Farmers Need to Know about Environmental Law [1990].  In April 2000 then-Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack appointed Neil chair of the Iowa Food Policy Council, which he held until January 2007.  Today he serves as an informal adviser to Secretary Vilsack on a variety of local food, rural development and new farmer issues. 

Neil grew up on his family’s 200-acre farm in Adams County Iowa where his family began farming in 1872.  He continues his family’s farming spirit today with his wife at Sunstead, their 10-acre market farm near Waukee, Iowa, where they raise fresh vegetables for several local restaurants.  

The focus of Neil’s work as a Glynwood Fellow will be a comprehensive review and analysis of incubator farms and other policies and programs designed to encourage new and transitioning farmers.

Joel RussellJoel Russell, Esq.
Joel Russell is a land use attorney and planning consultant based in Northampton, Massachusetts. His practice focuses on six primary areas: zoning for smart growth, affordable housing, urban revitalization, protection of open space and community character, implementation of traditional town plans, and public participation in planning. Joel’s clients include cities, towns, counties, land trusts, conservation organizations, landowners, regional planning agencies, and new urbanist developers. His work products include zoning ordinances and other land use regulations, diagnostic planning studies, conservation easements, and concise comprehensive plans that emphasize goals and actions. Joel has served as Executive Director of the Dutchess Land Conservancy and as an Adjunct Associate Professor of Environmental Studies at Bard College.

The focus of Joel’s work as a Glynwood Fellow is an analysis of the effectiveness of community zoning plans enacted to protect and encourage agriculture.

For information about applying to be a Glynwood Fellow, contact Judy LaBelle.