Native Plants In Glynwood’s Gardens

SpringEphemeralsNative plants are an essential part of our environment. They create biodiversity, give a sense of place to wildlife, bring beauty to those who see them, and have evolved to thrive in their respective regions. In the perennial borders around Glynwood’s Farm and Gardens, there are examples of Northeastern native plants which are a testament to natives serving as ornamental garden species. Some of our garden favorites include blazing star, green and gold, obedient plant, echinacea, horse mint, and joe-pye weed.

In addition to having planted natives, Glynwood features many naturally occurring ecosystems living and thriving on our property. Clove Creek begins with a wet bog in front of the Glynwood Farmhouse. This bog supports birds, insects and many native plant species including turtle heads, alders, asters, cat tails, dogwoods, clematis, as well as many carex and grass species. Fahnestock State Park, the forest that surrounds Glynwood, provides a barrier of undisturbed wildlife around the farm. A mighty population of oak, pine, birch, maple, and beech trees are mere beginnings to the extensive and diverse forest. Picturesque stands of ferns, cardinal flower growing out from the creek, blueberries high atop rock outcroppings, meadows full of butterfly weed, Queen Anne’s lace, and golden rod all call Glynwood home.