Farm apprentices are farmers-in-training. A good apprentice program is as committed to education as it is to hands-on experience in the field, so that apprentices can learn all of the skills necessary for good farm management.

The Collaborative Regional Alliance for Farmer Training (CRAFT) is a model for sharing supplemental farm training in cooperation with a number of participating farms. The Mid-Hudson Craft program is based on the Western Massachusetts/Eastern New York CRAFT program that was formed in 1994. Participants visit a host farms for a tour, a talk or demonstration on a specific topic. These visits to other farms offer farmers-in-training a chance to see how different operations work, to develop practical skills and to network with other farmers and apprentices.

To see the schedule for the Mid Hudson CRAFT group, with visits ranging from Ulster to Putnam Counties, please see below. If you would like to join Mid Hudson CRAFT, please contact Dave Llewellyn, Glynwood’s Director of Farmer Training, at

To see the schedule for the Lower Hudson CRAFT group, with visits ranging from New York City to Putnam County, please click here. If you would like to join Lower Hudson CRAFT, please contact Deb Taft, owner and farmer of Mobius Fields, at

To see a list of helpful farming resources, please click here.

Mid Hudson CRAFT – 2014 Schedule

If potluck is indicated, then the potluck will go from 5-6pm and the farm tour/visit goes from 6-8pm.

May 8: Opening meeting, Herbs and Value-Added Production – Twee Fontaine (5-8pm w/ potluck)

May 22: Soil Science – Great Song Farm

June 5: Soil Fertility Planning – Poughkeepsie Farm Project

June 19: Tractor Maintenance – Taliaferro Farms

July 3: Tour, Pizza & Swim (please BYO toppings and we’ll provide cheese, sauce, and dough) – Glynwood (5-8pm)

July 7: Systems-Mechanical Cultivation and Infrastructure – Sister’s Hill Farm (note: Monday at 2-5pm!)

July 17: Grains and Livestock – McEnroe Organic Farm (5-8pm w/ potluck)

July 31: Organic and IPM Orcharding – Fishkill Farm

August 14: Starting a Raw Milk Dairy – Old Ford Farm

August 28: Starting a CSA – Hearty Roots Community Farm (5-8pm w/ potluck)

September 11: No-Till Veggie Production – Four Winds Farm

September 25: Seed Saving – Hudson Valley Seed Library (5-8pm w/ potluck)

October 9: Greenhouse Management – Stone Barns (5-7pm no potluck)

October 16: Intensive Hand Scale, Permaculture, End of Summer Bash – Clove Valley (5-8pm w/ potluck)

October 23: Planning and Growing for a Winter CSA – Sparrowbush Farm (5-7pm no potluck)

November 6: Mid-scale Value Added Production – Winter Sun/Farm-to-Table Co-Packers (5-7pm no potluck)