Glynwood Farm

“The thing I love about Glynwood is their bravery in trying new
agricultural techniques – in terms of their livestock and their veggie
crops, they take risks.  Their failures are as important to learn from as
their successes are to emulate…”
Ron Khosla
Hudson Valley Farmer

Glynwood Farm expresses Glynwood’s mission by testing, innovating, and demonstrating sustainable agricultural practices, while also growing food for our community.  The Farm also has a key educational role in preparing apprentice farmers to become the next generation of practitioners of sustainable agriculture in the Northeast. Read more about Glynwood’s Apprentice Farmer Program

Located in the Hudson Highlands a few miles east of Cold Spring, New York, Glynwood Farm is set on 225 acres of steeply sloping and rocky land – topography that is typical of much of the Northeast.  Though far from ideal farmland, the site was first farmed as early as the mid-1700s and in the 19th century supplied dairy to the U.S. Military Academy at West Point.  Read more about Glynwood’s history

Glynwood Farm is now a carefully conceived and managed mixed-use operation, featuring pasture-raised livestock and 6.5 acres of Certified Naturally Grown vegetable crops. Read more about Certified Naturally Grown  We distribute our vegetable produce primarily through our 130-share CSA whose members can also purchase our beef, pork, lamb, goat, poultry and eggs.  We also sell to local restaurants and donate food to local schools and community food banks.

The Glynwood Model: Farming On the Cutting Edge

Like many small and mid-size farms in the Hudson Valley and greater Northeast region, Glynwood’s land was not actively farmed for many years, resulting in soils and pastures that need revitalizing.  This, along with topography comparable to other farms in the region, makes it an important setting for modeling and experimenting with the environmentally sustainable practices we advocate.

Our farm is currently engaged in long-term demonstration projects to:

  • Maximize healthy microorganisms and balance soil fertility in our gardens and pastures via biological farm management practices.  Read more
  • Increase the fertility of our pastures.  Read more
  • Reclaim and manage pastures by using herds of goats to eat down invasive shrubs.  Read more 

In each of these projects, we have engaged independent labs to measure the outcomes, which we intend to publish and share with other farmers.

Energy Efficient Farming
Glynwood CSA
Mid-Hudson CRAFT

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