Picturesque. Peaceful. Convenient.

Glynwood is a truly special place, a hidden gem nestled in the beautiful Hudson Valley. Just sixty miles north of New York City, Glynwood provides an incomparable venue for conferences, board meetings, weddings, and other social events. Our lodgings are available for events conducted at other venues nearby.

Glynwood has long been a popular spot for photo and film shoots, as the property contains a variety of elegant, rustic, and natural settings. Because we also offer lodging and can connect you with local caterers, many crews consider our site the most complete location that is easily reached from New York City.


Glynwood Farm’s heritage stretches back to the 1700s. Its centerpiece is an immense barn, a 16,000-square-foot, post-and-beam wonder that is over 150 years old. It once housed cows that supplied milk for the West Point Military Academy, across the Hudson River. Glynwood is a working farm to this day, and the barn now stores hay that feeds the cows, sheep, and goats in winter.


For decades, gardeners have worked their magic in Glynwood’s soil and we continue to embrace that tradition. The result is an array of gardens—sustainably maintained—that not only please the eye but also feed guests at Glynwood and as many as 100 local families.


Glynwood is a year-round feast for the senses—the appealing bouquet of spring blooms, the sassy serenade of songbirds, the fresh breeze and vibrant foliage of autumn, and the calming waters of the lake. From a raised bed of lavender and a rock garden graced by a weeping Japanese maple, to the quince orchard, kitchen garden, and towering hedges of mountain laurel, Glynwood wraps visitors in a blanket of natural beauty
Guests are encouraged to stroll the grounds, and morning bird walks are a favored activity. Hikers can enjoy trails that connect with those on adjacent state park land, and the lovely village of Cold Spring is just a short drive away.

Guest Houses

The Main House is the hub of guest activity. Set in four acres of grounds with views of the farm and the Hudson Highlands, it contains elegant public rooms and 10 bedrooms. The Old Farmhouse, begun in the late 18th century and enlarged in the 19th, has an intimate and rustic feel. Its front porch and expansive lawn afford views of Jordan Pond, pastures, and the big red barn. Two smaller houses complete the guest facilities.