About Us

HouseGlynwood’s mission is to ensure that farming thrives in the Hudson Valley.

Glynwood is dedicated to working at the intersection of the needs of communities and the opportunities available to farmers and landowners. Our unique niche is to:

Empower communities to support farming and conserve farmland and model and promote techniques in environmentally sustainable agriculture that farmers and landowners can use to take advantage of new and emerging markets.

  • We work with communities seeking guidance, training, and tools to make effective land-use decisions and create infrastructure that will foster economically viable and environmentally sustainable farming.
  • We have learned the needs of farming communities and the problems they confront by working with hundreds of regional and community stakeholders — including farmers, land trusts, and leaders in government and business. In nearly two decades of working with communities, we have developed a unique methodology for helping them to come together to set and achieve their goals.
  • We have earned a reputation as an effective neutral convener of contending community stakeholders, who regard Glynwood as a “safe space” that encourages creative thinking and new approaches.
  • We understand the challenges and opportunities confronted by farmers in the Northeast because we farm our own 225-acre land, demonstrating techniques that enhance the economic viability of environmentally sustainable farming.
  • We are part of a network of leading thinkers on sustainable agriculture that spans the nation and includes partners around the globe; and we share what we learn with our network and their communities.